Nutrition & Mindset Certification

We have been helping numerous women and men achieve their health goals around the world.
We will now be offering our knowledge and Education to Individuals, Coaches, Parents, Individuals in the Health & Wellness space, and to anyone else who wants more!

What is it about…

Being in the Industry for 20 years now, We have noticed a gap in the world of Nutrition and Wellness.


We have bridged the missing gap with our 3 month Nutrition & Mindset Certification. We are educating individules on Nutrition AND helping them understand the relationship they have with Food and their Bodies. We are teaching ‘how’ to do this in our Certification.

We have created this Certification with everyone in mind. Whether you are a Coach, want to be a Coach, In the Health or Wellness space (Social Worker, Nurse, Teacher, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor etc.), or if you simply want more information for yourself.  This Certification covers it all.

Our 3 month Certification will open the doors to understanding and helping educate Nutrition in your field or as a Certified Nutritional Coach.

What you will Receive

  • 3 Months of Education in Nutrition, Mindset & How to Apply Level 1
  • Modules for every Subject
  • 2 Live Calls a week via Zoom with an experienced Mentor
  • A private Group Page on Facebook where all will be posted included recorded calls,  so you don’t miss a thing, and can go to your pace.
  • Practical Tools and Applications where you are your own Case Study
  • A Certification as a Nutrition & Mindset Specialist Level 1